Olive Oil Soap

I purchased a bar of your fabulous olive oil soap at the market. I have been washing my hair in particularity with it. Being a gardener and having "English" skin, I have lots of "barnacles" on my head and body; they used to always be sore. Not anymore, it’s such a relief. My scalp is so much more healthy and happy now.
Thank you.  
- Wendie


Olive Oil Moisturizer

Hello, I have now been using your products since last October. I have just been at Vic. market today to purchase some more soap and the wonderful Liquid Soap, which I keep in the kitchen, bathroom and laundry. I also have been using the Olive Oil Moisturizer on my hands and nails. All dryness has gone, and my fingernails have been repaired amazingly, the tips of my nails used to split, but no more.
God Bless
- Rosemary



I have tested this cleanser several times and found that it removes most light foundation (I can't comment on heavy or long wearing versions), so long as you use a pad soaked in a toner/floral water afterwards (or soap/foaming cleanser) to remove the last few traces. It does not remove non-waterproof eye makeup (a possible solution may be to use a cloth to remove it in the shower rather than just rinsing). Thanks for letting me test your lovely product.  
- Kate


All Products

Thank you for my order, I'm very happy with how quickly I received it, what wonderful service.

I also want to let you know that I am delighted with your products. I've been using the face creams and my skin feels wonderful and moisturized, the creams are lovely and light and smell delicious. The soap is also lovely to use and smells lovely. I used the pet soap on my cat and I've never seen him so happy and smelling so divine.
Well done on such gorgeous products, I can tell they've been made with love and care.
- Joanne


Neem soap

I love your Neem Soap and the Rosemary shampoo bar. I suffer from rosacea and the Neem soap has just the right amount of moisture as well as being soothing. The Rosmary shampoo bar helps to keep my scalp free from the rosacea in the scalp. Thank you very much, your efforts are much appreciated.
- Jill


Liquid Soap

Hi, just wanted you to know how much I love your liquid soap. A couple of weeks ago at the Queen Victoria Markets, my mum and I bought one of these each and the pump to go with it. I'm back in Cairns and mum is back in Busselton WA (she is giving the one she bought to my sister as a gift). Love your products. Your knowledge of your products is outstanding, as is your smile.;)
- Elizabeth




 I purchased the soap at you stall at the Victoria market. I have had a full hysterectomy about 3 years ago and my skin and hair have gone downhill. I exercise every day and eat healthy I go to my doctor and have my blood test all is fine I have tried so many natural products and none of them have worked. I have a dry skin patch on my back near my shoulder and it gets really itchy. Anyway, I used your soap today and you deserve a medal, you are my angel, my skin feels like it was before the operation, and it has helped the itch a lot. What shampoo do you recommend for very dry hair? I also tried a lot of natural shampoos but they just leave the hair dry and fizzy. Please help and thanks so much for the wonderful soap.
- Eileen


All Purpose Cream

I discovered the All Purpose cream when you kindly gifted it to me a couple of years ago. I thought it smelt wonderful but wasn't sure how I would use it. Within a short time however I decided to try it on my daughter's eczema. Well amazingly, provided I put it on overnight with some clothing covering the spot it clears up completely with just one application! Unfortunately of course the eczema returns if I don't make dietary changes. It is great though that her skin can be cleared up so quickly and naturally.
I have had cause to use All Purpose Cream on skin infections as well with amazing results. Though I would not advise any one do this I used it on a bad burn which had suddenly become very swollen and painful and was travelling up my arm. (Picture something from a horror movie!) I wouldn't normally take a risk but I had a busy weekend planned and did not want to have to visit my GP and have to take oral antibiotics. Also I was not starting to feel unwell in anyway. I decided to try the All Purpose Cream and give it up to 3 hours to start turning the situation around. I used large amounts covering the area and reapplying often over the weekend. Over the course of the next hour or 2 the red line receded back to the infection and some of the swelling diminished. Encouraged and determined to avoid antibiotics I continued my regime until the infection was completely gone! I don't recommend this necessarily as it could have gone badly but the cream did an amazing job all the same.
Gratefully Yours,
~Kath Horton

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