"Natural" or not? That is the Question

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"Natural" or not? That is the Question

Posted by Claudia Rusic 6 years ago ago

If you are uneducated in what is going on in the cosmetic regulation  industry today, you will not be able to understand  the definition of the word, "natural" as determined by legislation today. If something is not truly natural, you do not want to pay extra money for it just because the manufacturer uses the word, "natural," on the product label.

By law you only have to put 5% natural product into your produce to be able to call them "natural".

If your instincts have been telling you that what the world calls natural may or may not be up to your personal standards of what is natural, then you are right. This loophole in the law allows many to stretch the word natural to encompass just about anything that isn't. There are manufacturers and vendors that are accountable with their labelling, but many are not. Most "natural," cosmetics contain only 5% natural substances.

Read your ingredients label. Just because something says that it is natural, does not mean that it only contains natural ingredients. Make it a practice to look up ingredients that are foreign to you. You might be surprised. Some manufacturers use well-known toxins throughout their entire line of products.

This kind of irresponsibility is outrageous.

If you are looking for a company that will provide you with a product that you can feel safe using, then cathedralrange.com.au is great. We create products out of genuine love and respect for nature and natural products, and our goal is to provide you with a healthy alternative to chemical ridden cosmetics.

In addition to the benefit of 100% natural cosmetics, we also offer products that are designed to be safe when encountering various skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, dandruff and other ailments like this. We can't say or guarantee, that our products will heal or even help, because in  this world, where toxins bombard us from every side, it is not easy to get away from getting affected by this invasion in some way. Only changing your skin care products may not be the answer for better health. We need to understand that sickness comes from a combination of physical causes (poor diet, lack of exercise, toxic systems, genetics, degraded environment and its effects), and emotional causes (i.e. unforgiveness, guilt, anger unhealthy relationships etc.). It is important to attack this problem not only with natural treatments like chemical free skin care, but also with a healthy balanced diet, clean pure water, sunshine, exercise etc. In addition we need to eliminate too much stress, unforgiveness, bitterness and an unhealthy lifestyle. Working on all these things can help to balance mood and emotion, and significantly affect your physical body at the same time. Traditional medicine however often only treats symptoms allowing the root of the malady to fester and even worsen.

In a perfect world, responsibility would be for every company to make sure that your health is their first priority, but this is not something that we can expect. It is in the interest of Cathedral Range Body Care however, to offer you healthy, high quality products, which will satisfy your expectation and give you a peace of mind, knowing that you are getting value for your money. 



4 responses to ""Natural" or not? That is the Question"

6 years ago ago Elidad wrote

\"In addition to the benefit of 100% natural cosmetics, we also offer products that are designed to be save when encountering various skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis,\"

Hello. In the part paragraph shown above; taken from your comments. do you mean to have the word \'safe\' rather than \'save\'. A very well spoken article. Much thanks. Elidad

6 years ago ago Be Enchanted wrote

Natural products are popular and famous for their superior lather and moisturising properties. These products will enhance your showering experience and the beautiful fragrances will last down to the very last slither. Visit: http://www.beenchanted.com.au/natural-soaps

5 years ago ago Ryan Boggs wrote

When we use any cosmetics, different types of chemicals are included in it, which may also give the side effects. So, we must use the natural products, in which there are no chances of side effects.


4 years ago ago anshika wrote

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